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Eva – Eva Redpath



You have been on a journey which has led you here and your experiences have made you who you are today. I’m excited to meet you exactly where you are and feel privileged to begin our journey together. I am here to hold space for you so that you can be empowered to make the choices that will shift your life in unimaginable ways.

Life is both, the longest and shortest journey we will take. In my journey, I have lived the highest of highs and lowest of lows, but through giving myself the permission to grow, risk, grieve, and live, I found my purpose.

Out of no’s, I chose yes.

Out of rejection, I chose passion.

Out of manipulation, I chose motivation.

Out of hurt, I chose love.

Out of fear, I chose risk.

Out of quitting, I chose perseverance.

Out of being silenced, I chose to find my voice.

Out of death, I chose life.

Out of grief, I chose gratitude.

Out of darkness, I chose light.

“Time is not promised, but choice is.”

From our circumstances, we get to chose. From our choices, we become stronger. Every challenge I faced was a gift, because without challenges we would not grow. These challenges built my resilience, my ability to get back up and keep moving. I believe resilience is a muscle, the more you move it, the stronger it gets, and if anyone knows how to strengthen muscles it’s me!

I see myself as a potentialist. Although not an actual word in the dictionary, it’s a word that best describes who I am. I see you for your potential and can provide you with perspective. I see how you may inhibit your own progress, and how to prevent this from happening.

Given the opportunity, I can show you the power of movement, both physical movement and movement through the process to achieve your life of full potential and purpose.

Let’s move towards transformation together.


More on Eva

Much more than just your trainer, Eva Redpath is considered a leader in all things fitness, wellness, and lifestyle. Her love of movement has provided the foundation for every step she’s taken. Often featured on the pages of best selling magazines and online publications, Eva is an award winning presenter, regularly sought-after by media worldwide for her dynamic presence both on and off camera.

Recognized as Canada’s first Nike Master Trainer, Eva has travelled world wide teaching to her community. In 2018, Eva was named a founding trainer for Barry’s Bootcamp Canada at their flagship Toronto location, where you can join her for classes weekly. Eva Redpath believes that training is not just for the body, but also the mind. Most recently, Eva has committed to empowering her clients to evoke transformation, achieving balance and fulfillment through her work as a Co-Active® life coach.

If you ask Eva, she’ll tell you she is only just getting started.