Fall Flavour Revolution

Raise your hand if fall has snuck up on you!  Me too. I have always loved this season, from leather jackets to Thanksgiving spent with family, and of course Halloween. While my days of trick or treating are behind me, that doesn’t mean I can’t find new ways to make the most out of Fall.  Autumn flavours are cozy and comforting, and in any season I never compromise flavour for fuelling my body with healthy snacks. That’s where Central Roast comes in, with a true fall flavour revolution. Out with the old, in with the new and equally satisfying.

Instead of Halloween candy, try Central Roast’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Chews.

I practice the 80/20 rule, however chocolate is one of the items that fall both in the 80 and 20 for me. While I love chocolate, the endless candy bars that are readily available leading up to Halloween make it easy to over-indulge. Which is why I keep Central Roast’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Chews on hand. They’re part of their chocolate-y INDULGENCE line, so they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth without filling you with artificial flavours.  They’re all natural, with only seven ingredients (all that you can pronounce, too) making them my new go-to option for when I’m craving something sweet.

Instead of sweet apple cider, try Central Roast’s Sea Salt + Apple Cider Vinegar Cashews.

If you’re not already aboard the apple cider vinegar train, this is the season to hop on.  It does wonders for your body inside and out, and it’s what gives a delicious kick to this snack from Central Roast’s FLAVOUR line.  The Sea Salt + Apple Cider Vinegar Cashews are perfect for when I’m on-the-go and need a quick fix of something salty. Buttery cashews are the perfect pairing for the sour notes in apple cider vinegar.  They’re seriously addictive, but since they’re packed with fibre and non-GMO ingredients, don’t mind if I reach for another handful.

Instead of sugary pumpkin spice lattes, try Central Roast’s Pumpkin Seeds Raw!

Nothing says autumn like pumpkin-flavoured goodies, but let’s be honest, the pumpkin spice trend is getting a little tired.  I’ve been loving going back to basics with Raw Pumpkin Seeds from Central Roast’s RAW line. No mystery here, there’s just one ingredient and it’s yummy enough to stand on its own.  They’re satisfyingly chewy and the health benefits are aplenty: keeping the seeds raw means they retain all their healthy omega-3 fats, antioxidants and fibres. Trust me, after munching on these throughout your day, your pumpkin spice hankering will be a thing of the past.