Get Out Of Your Own Way

Turn Your ‘I Can’t’ into “I Did!”

First rule to remember. Your thoughts aren’t facts! Say it again. Your thoughts aren’t facts! You can tell yourself in the middle of class over and over that you can’t do one more push-up or you’re not as fit as the person in front of you, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s not a fact. It’s self-sabotage, which is when we go about making sure something we strive for doesn’t happen.

So how do we end this cycle of us getting in our own way?

Ask yourself why
Observe the ‘why’ to your behaviour. What is driving these negative, conflicting thoughts? Is it out of fear? A need to be in control? Attention through conflict or sympathy? Finding out the reason you tell yourself you can’t, could be the key to overcoming your limited belief that “you can’t.”

Identify Your Behaviour
Listen to how you speak to yourself. Write it down. How do you self-sabotage your goals? Do you stay up late even though you’re tired? Eat junk food before healthy? Speak meanly yourself? Quit in the middle of a workout?

Notice the Repercussions
Are these thoughts and inner voices taking you away from the things you are deeply desiring in life? Each time you say “I can’t” takes away from the end result of “I did” and these behaviours are limiting you from moving forward. The very behaviours you keep permitting yourself to do are the ones that are keeping you from what you want most (not my line but I wish it was!).

We are all in control of our own thoughts and ultimately, it is a choice in how you obtain your goals. So make a better decision today. When you hear that voice inside your head saying you can’t do something, know that it’s a liar and you can!

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