An influential leader with a captivated audience.

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Eva loves more than just a great workout. Although her main focus is health and fitness, Eva has worked with elite brands across a multitude of industries.

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Brands Who Trust Eva


If you ask Eva, she’ll tell you she is only just getting started. Join the journey.


Corporate Wellness


Integrated Campaigns

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Eva is a perfect match for our brand. She motivates others to make better decisions for themselves: eat better, supplement better, train harder, and to be kind to yourself and others.

Genuine Health

Unlike a lot of individuals in the media, public speaking, and influencer landscape, Eva can be briefed and provide ROI perspective like a consultant. She understands and downloads brand strategy – and immediately pivots to provide a strong POV on how she can contribute to a brand’s mission and objectives.

Nike PR

She instills confidence in her co-workers through her actions – always delivering on what she has promised and then some, in her additional efforts to support the overarching mission. Completely a dream to work with.

Nike PR

In working in the PR industry for seven years, Eva is one of the best verbal presenters I’ve had the ability to work with at Nike. She has the ability to work with a script and present with passion, precision, and entertainment value for her audience every time.


Every media member that I’ve introduced Eva to LOVES her, which speaks volumes about her commitment to relationship building, personal brand building, and supporting and fostering community.