Early to bed, Early to rise

Early to bed, early to rise.

With daylight savings now in full effect, the hours of sunshine are becoming limited. Between teaching early morning classes, helping others to achieve their goals, and maintaining my own balanced lifestyle, I can’t rely on the hours of available sun to dictate my schedule.

The winter blues are a real thing, which is why self-care during these cold, dark months is so important. By replacing lost daylight with bright simulated sunlight, you can fight low energy levels and fatigue while cultivating a more positive mood.

When I was first introduced to Philips Wake-up Light and goLITE BLU, these products quickly became part of my daily routine. By waking up naturally to simulated sunlight and increasing my daylight hours by using the goLITE BLU, I’ve been able to overcome the dreaded snooze cycle.

Watch the video link above and replace “I’m too tired” with “I’m ready to conquer.”

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