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Ready To Conquer My Day – Eva Redpath

Ready To Conquer My Day

I have a confession…I have not always been a morning person. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen victim to the dreaded snooze cycle more times than I can count.

As an entrepreneur, my days are jam packed from before dawn to after dusk. I love my busy lifestyle, but sometimes it can be difficult to combat fatigue. Now that my new teaching schedule requires me to wake up in the very early hours of the morning, I’ve been looking for a simple, natural way to energize my day.

When Philips first introduced me to their Wake-up Light, it was love at first alarm. Gone are the days of jarring, loud alarms and unpleasant wake-ups. The Wake-up Light gradually fills my room with bright light that mimics the rising sun. Not only does this light increase the level of energy hormones in your body, but it prepares you to wake-up and can actually help improve your mood. I have found myself waking with a sense of peace, feeling energized and ready to start my day (it also doesn’t hurt that the Wake-up Light has a beautiful glass-like appearance and can act as a lamp on my nightstand).

I’ve noticed that if I’m feeling an energy dip in the day, it’s usually late in the afternoon. Since I don’t have time for the midday slump, Philips’s goLITE BLU has helped me refuel and revitalize. With just 20-30 minutes a day, the goLITE BLU simulates the summer sky, improving energy levels from the natural invigorating power of light. Especially now that Daylight Savings is no longer in effect, Seasonal Affective Disorder can be a genuine concern. Self-care is important during these dark months, and by replacing lost daylight with bright simulated sunlight, I’ve been able to fight low energy levels and fatigue while cultivating a more positive mood. Since the goLITE BLU is ultra-lightweight and portable, it’s become a staple to fuel me through my afternoons.

Now that I’ve finally overcome the challenges of groggy wake-ups, I’ve been learning to love my early morning starts. By waking up naturally to simulated sunlight and increasing my exposure to daylight in the afternoon, I feel less tired and readier than ever to conquer my day.


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