Tips for Smarter Snacking

Fuelling our bodies with healthy food is an integral part of feeling our best – and it takes up a large part of our day. We’re constantly thinking about what we’re going to eat, where it will come from and how much of it we should consume. Whether we’re trying to gain muscle, lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, snacking can be a key factor in achieving whatever our goals may be.

There’s lots of debate surrounding the quality and quantity of the snacks you choose to eat. I’ve found that it’s not about snacking less or more, it’s about snacking smarter. Central Roast has been a brand that I trust because their snacks are made from healthy ingredients, are preservative-free and also taste delicious. Recently I’ve been snacking on their various lines and wanted to share a few things I’ve learned from keeping them stocked in my pantry.

Embrace the flavour rainbow.

There’s nothing worse than looking at the food you’ve packed for the day and dreading eating it. Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be bland or basic. In fact, quite the opposite! Kick your everyday routine up a notch with Central Roast’s FLAVOUR snacks. Mixed with delicious flavours and spices, these snacks pack some serious flavour punches that take your tastebuds on a journey around the world. Snacking boredom be gone!

Make sure to keep it real.

Take a look at the labels of your favourite snacks – do they contain a bunch of long, chemical-sounding ingredients? Whenever possible, I try to eat whole foods that actually nourish my body. Central Roast always uses all-natural ingredients, but their RAW products especially keep things close to nature. This line contains the essentials – things like enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats and fibre. Your body will thank you for the nourishment!

Don’t forget to treat yourself!

Let’s be honest, we all deserve a little treat sometimes. But if you’re going to spoil yourself, you can still do so in a conscious way. When you find yourself with a craving for something sweet, try grabbing the INDULGENCE line. Not only will they satisfying your sweet tooth, you can feel good knowing they’re made without artificial colours, artificial flavours, or hydrogenated oils. Go ahead, take another handful friend.